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Sweet Success

Infomedia helped SAS Cupcakes create a national brand from a single storefront in Newark, Delaware. Their online store ships tasty treats all over the country, and has helped them secure a major feature on the Food Network and an exclusive agreement with Saks Fifth Avenue.

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A Blueprint for Growth

Eddleman Properties has long been recognized as Birmingham's premier developer of master-planned communities and was looking for a new way to engage their residents through social media. A Twitter campaign aimed at first-time home buyers and a Facebook strategy focused on community engagement was our own master plan.

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Custom WordPress Sites

What started as a blogging platform has quickly become one of the most-used pieces of technology on the web. WordPress is flexible and can be used to make a world-class blog or a solid starter site. We brand and customize these sites to fit a variety of needs, as well as offer first-rate training to our clients.

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May The Web Be With You

We've gone from being a world with phones glued to our ears to a world completely glued to our phones. Web usage isn't just for home or office anymore--it's an everyone, everywhere, all the time thing. And if your site isn't built for mobile devices, then you're missing critical users who want what you have--right now, on the go!

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Infomedia Consulting

Small businesses don't think they deserve all the goodies the big boys enjoy, but they're wrong. Our bright ideas will show you how to put it all together—from getting the lead and closing the deal, to having the resources to keep all the promises you just made.

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